Why should we hire you? »The right answer in the interview

Why should we hire you? »The right answer in the interview

Here is another typical interview question in which the candidate is often disconcerted . What to answer to give an impression of competence and honesty,without being pretentious so far?

The recruiter's goal

The purpose of this question is to allow the recruiter to see if you are able to showcase your skills and test your motivation . He also wants to check if the candidate understood what the vacant job was, and if he really thinks it fits.

Not being able to answer it, as with all other trick questions , will prove to the recruiter that you have not done enough work preparing for your interview and will not play in your favor. So, what to answer to this question?

What to answer?

It is not a matter of driving your competitors through fallacious arguments, simply to show that you are the most suitable candidate for this position by putting one last time your professional assets ahead. To do this, think about what you can bring to the company.

Write a short answer that shows your thinking and your efficiency. In your answer, mix with your qualifications, skills and human qualities. The ideal is to state in a few points the elements that represent your added value for the company , and to underline your motivation.

Example : "I think you should hire me because my bachelor's degree in marketing and my master's degree in e-business give me the skills to become responsible for your e-commerce department. I also recently followed a mobile training application development that will be a great source of inspiration to renew the service. And then, I know how to motivate a team and encourage them to give the best of themselves. Not to mention that I am very motivated, flexible and that I do not count my hours. "

If you think of a " bonus " that you have, but have not yet managed to place in the interview, now is the time, as long as it can be associated with the job offers. This can be a specialization acquired during a training, a character trait that will prove very useful (good stress management for example), even a hobby or a hobby !


This question is actually an unexpected chance to make a difference compared to other candidates, especially if you felt that the recruiter was stuck on one aspect of your application. To do this, adapt your answer to counterbalance this aspect of your profile . For example, if you are an inexperienced youth, emphasize that you are overflowing with energy, enthusiasm and thirst for learning.

Do not answer ...

These three answers could go through your head, but do not formulate them especially!

" Because I'm just the best candidate for this job. You think you are minimalist and efficient, but the recruiter will just find you pretentious and vain. We will have to work on a more constructive response!

" I really want this post because ... " With this question, the recruiter wants to know what you are going to bring as an added value to the company, not the other way around! Concentrate on the needs of the business.

" I am qualified in this, this, this, this ... " The recruiter wants an original answer, not the simple enumeration of your skills and experiences that are already on your resume. Personalize your answer.